Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read A Thon Mini Challenge: Hour 8

Has it really been 8 hours already? Time flies when you're having fun! I still haven't completed the book I'm reading-Nice Girls Have Fangs by Molly Harper, but I can tell she's going to be a new favorite author. I'm loving Gaberial and I've been laughing all afternoon reading it. The one liners never stop!  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and commented on my blog! The comments mean a lot and help to keep me motivated. :) I promise to return all comments as soon I finish my first book!

One of the Mini Challenges this hour is Who keeps you Company, hosted by Nise at Under The Boardwalk.  I like reading by myself without any distractions. When I read while watching tv it's either during the commericals or while I'm watching something that I don't have to pay attention to like a movie I've seen before or football. I generally read in one of two places:

This is my popizon chair and it was just made for reading! I've had it forever and just can't part with it. I always read curled up in this blanket-no matter how hot it is. It's just warm & comfy.  The second place I read is my couch:

When I'm on my couch I always have the pillow and other blanket with me. The pillow I use because I'm too lazy to actually buy an overstuffed throw pillow. The gray blanket is actually fleece and super comfortable. I use it as a second pillow. Quirky? Totally.

If I'm at my parents house I like to read with Cleo-we generally fight for the same spot on the couch. Somehow, she always wins.

The cat just ignores our fights and sits in her beloved Barnes & Nobles box while stalking birds and squirrels outside: