Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBAW: Book Discovery

Todays BBAWs writing prompt is to write about a book you discovered through another blogger. There have been quite a few of these lately, but two of my more recent reads: Guilty Pleasures by Laura Lee Guhrke and Bound By Your Touch by Meredith Duran have come from Tasha at Heidenkinds Hideaway.

Our reading tastes are really very different except for when it comes to one genre: historical romance. Awhile back most of my historical romance authors defected to contemporary mystery thrillers (Julie Garwood, Iris Johansen, Catherine Coulter, Andrea Kane) and it took me a long time to find some "go-to" authors for historical romance again. Plus, it seemed like for awhile there every time I found a half way decent author, they'd jump ship over to fiction. It was infuriating. I actually stopped reading historical romance because of this and didn't start reading it again until about 3 years ago.

I'm rambling on here, but my point is I'm always on the look out for new historical romance authors, and its nice to know there is someone out there who has similiar taste in romance then I do.

Bound By Your Touch by Meredith Duran
Plot from Silver-tongued Viscount Sanburne is London's favorite scapegrace. Alas, Lydia Boyce has no interest in being charmed. When his latest escapade exposes a plot to ruin her family, she vows to handle it herself, as she always has done. Certainly she requires no help from a too-handsome dilettante whose main achievement is being scandalous. But Sanburne's golden charisma masks a sharper mind and darker history than she realizes. He shocks Lydia by breaking past her prim facade to the woman beneath...and the hidden fire no man has ever recognized. But as she follows him into a world of intrigue, she will learn that the greatest danger lies within -- in the shadowy, secret motives of his heart. My thoughts: I wanted to smack her father upside the head for most of this book. Her loyalty to him got to be annoying about halfway through the book. Aside from that though, I really loved this book. It has a little bit of everything: mystery, romance, and sigh moments. (Sigh moments are important when reading historical romance!) I can not wait to read the second book in this series! The only thing that bothered me about this book was that I figured out the ending about halfway through and found myself shouting at Lydia to use her book smarts and get a clue already! Sigh Meter: Medium-High Both of these books are delightful, quick reads. Edited to add: Oh, how I wish there was a way to edit Mr. Linky. I always forget to erase something from a previous use of him.
Guilty Pleasures

Plot: Daphne Wade works for Anthony the Duke of Tremore as he digs up roman artifacts on his estate. She has a guilty pleasure: watching him. That is until one day she eavesdrops on a conversation bewteen him and his sister about herself that isn't too flattering. I believe he compared her to an insect on a stick and a machine who never stops. Daphnes feelings are hurt and she stops being so in love with him that she can't talk around him. In fact, she tells him that she is quitting, he begins to realize that he didn't know her at all and tries to win her back.

My thoughts: When I finished this book I sighed and said outloud: "oh..I want my own Duke now." It had its cheesy line moments, but they were kept to a minimum. :) What I liked about this book was that Daphne was independent and stayed true to herself for the entire book. This was a super quick read and is a perfect way to spend a Saturday. Sigh meter: High!