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Review & Giveaway: Lancaster House And Middle Aisle by Taylor Dean

Title: Lancaster House 

Author: Taylor Dean 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of Pages: 304
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Prism Blog Tours   

Zoe Grayson needs a change. So, she moves to another state, purchases an old, dilapidated 1920s Victorian Mansion, and sets out to restore it to its former glory. As she begins the restoration, she finds herself falling in love with the old house . . . not to mention its illustrious builder, Mr.Lancaster. Zoe becomes obsessed with the house as she discovers its secrets; hidden rooms, secret passageways . . . and a mysterious man who seems to think the house is his. Who is he? More importantly, how does he live in her home unseen and unheard? The unexpected answers leave her reeling—and questioning everything she’s ever known. To her dismay, Zoe’s actions land her in the local psychiatric hospital, scheming for ways to return to Lancaster House. and the love of her life.

I adored Lancaster House  For me, the most refreshing part of this book is that was very original and there was not a cliche to be found. These are unlike any ghost romance that I've ever read.  We meet Zoe when she meets her new psychiatrist, Dr. Wade Channing,  for the first time. His reports on her state that she's dangerous and no one should be full by how innocent she looks. The doctor has a hard time believing that because she looks so sweet and like she couldn't hurt a fly. When he hears Zoe's tale he's not sure what to think. He really wants to help her, and has a hard time with the fact that he can't believe that she really believes the story she is telling him how she fell in love with the ghost of Lancaster House.

As Zoe tells her story about how she moved to Lancaster House and how she planned to remodel it then sell it on the market I got totally caught up in it and felt really connected to the story being told. I even enjoyed the story when it would switch to Dr. Channing's pov. I loved watching him struggle with Zoe's story. He wanted to believe her, but as a Doctor, found it hard and looked for other answers as to why she came up with a romance with a ghost.  The romance itself was sweet, and I was totally cheering for Zoe to get back to Andre. I also really enjoyed the parts with Zoe remodeling the house. I felt like I was remodeling it with her. However, if you want a book that is just about house remodeling, this is not for you-this leans totally on the romance side.

 In so many ghost romances that I've read I've always wondered why no one thought the heroine was crazy. I liked how this took a realistic approach to the ghost romance plot. It was just nice to read an original, unpredictable paranormal romance! There were twists and turns that I didn't see coming, and The ending had me super glad I already had the second book.

Title: The Middle Aisle
Author: Taylor Dean
Series: Lancaster House book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Prism Book Tours

Zoe Grayson is back in Lancaster House, ordered to bed rest for the duration of her unexpected pregnancy. Doctor Wade Channing, her overzealous psychiatrist, is living in Lancaster House, taking care of her, waiting on her, and tending to her every need. It seems to be the perfect arrangement. There’s just one catch. She has to tell him her story—everything that has happened in her life since the moment she escaped from Serenity Hills. It’s been quite an adventure to include renovating another home and a walk down the middle aisle.But, that’s all over now. Nothing is real. It never was. How did she end up in this miserable situation?

This was a beautiful, lovely, heartbreaking story. This series just has a way of pulling you in and not wanting to come up for air. This was a great second book, I thought Zoe and all of the characters really developed more. The villains were appropriately awful and had me wishing a horrible fate would happen to them. This book was just an emotional roller coaster ride, and like Lancaster House had lots of twists and turns I didn't see coming.  Like Dr. Channing, I found myself totally obsessed with Zoe's story.  If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, then I highly recommend Lancaster House and The Middle Aisle. Taylor Dean is now an auto buy author for me, and I was sad to see that there aren't more books in this series. 
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