Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: The Power Of Three by Jessica Subject

Title: The Power Of Three 
Author: Jessica E. Subject
Genre: Erotica/fantasy
Number of Pages: E Book (aprx.13 pages)
Publisher: Decadent Publishing 
Source: Sent from the Publisher  


Cursed to live amongst several stone gargoyle statues, Oscar watches a young couple, yearning to participate in their sexual activities. For he has been away from his own lovers for over a year, and longs to touch and be touched once again. 
When he tumbles off the headboard onto the couple, he is released from the statue but must find a way home. His only thought: a ménage with the man and woman who freed him. But will they try something new to grant him his return passage, or leave him wandering Earth alone?

Sometimes you just need something that's a fast and quick read that's also  super hot. Awhile back when I was in a reading funk I read a lot of those books, and this was one of them.  

 I thought I would have trouble connecting to the characters because the story was so short-just 13 pages long, but I was happily surprised to find myself cheering Oscar on to get released from his curse.   I just can't say enough how I loved the menage scenes and how realistic  the story managed to be in such a short amount of time. I found myself wanting more when the story ended. I can't wait to read something longer by this author.