Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cameo Effect

Title: The Cameo Effect 
Author: Nioma Stephan 
Genre: Mystery 
Publisher: Gypsy Publishing 
Source: Sent by Publisher
Number of Pages 284

When her Aunt Jena is shot in the leg, Becky Whatt thinks it's just a freak occurrence. What else could it be in the sleepy little town of Blair, Ohio? Then come the prank calls. Then the break-in attempts. By the time they find a body in the restaurant at the old hotel, Becky and Jena feel like they might be in over their heads. But with the local police seemingly unable to help, the ladies must take matters into their own hands if they are to bring order back into their lives.

The Cameo Effect was a cute mystery that will leave you guessing to the end as to who is behind everything.  I found myself drawn into the world that Nioma Stephan created. The small town of Blair, Ohio came to life and I loved how everyone knew everything that happened to Becky and Jena right away, because that is how small town life is.  This book is set in the 80s, and I loved all the 80s movie references that were named in the book. There is also a touch of romance involved that made me smile because I loved how Becky remained independent yet let her boyfriend help her out when needed. This is a refreshing read, and while it is geared for adult reading, it has a touch of Young Adult feeling to it that makes it a book for all ages to enjoy.  If you are looking for a different kind of mystery to read, I highly recommend The Cameo Effect.