Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney

Title: Hunger Aroused
Author: Dee Carney
Genre: Paranormal Romance-Erotica
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: Netgalley 

Jasmine is sick in bed when a sexy stranger breaks in and reveals she’s suffering an irreversible case of vampirism. And because her turning wasn’t approved by the Council, he must kill her once the transition is complete. In the meantime, the executioner offers to ease her torment with chocolate, hot peppers or sexual release. Fortunately for them both, Jasmine’s kitchen is bare...Corin’s honor demands he do his duty, but he cannot execute the lovely woman while any part of her humanity remains. He must also find- and kill - her sire. Jasmine denies ever having contact with a vampire, causing Corin to question the justice of his orders. Sensing his hesitation, the Council dispatches another executioner, forcing the pair to make a run for it.Every hour they spend together every sensual encounter they share finds them growing closer. Now Corin will have to choose: kill the woman he loves, or go against everything he believes to set her free.

Hunger Aroused is one of those vampire romances that I wanted to fall in love with, but couldn't no matter how hard I tried. I think part of the problem-and this isn't the fault of the author, but I got my ebook through netgalley, and every time there was a great steamy love scene the formatting would change and look something instead of being in paragraph form, the sentences would just have one word, then
skip to
something looking
like this and
it was hard
to be involved in
this..not just once, but three times-and each time was a sex scene. By the third time it happened I almost stopped reading because it was so hard to read, but I kept on. However good the story got, though it was just hard for me to like it because of the aforementioned problem. I know I shouldn't have let that bother me, but it did. It was the main reason I had so much trouble getting into Corin and Jasmine as a couple. Which is a shame, because Corin and Jasmine had all the qualities I like in a hero and heroine. They were strong, independent and Jasmine didn't take any crap from Corin and held her own, which I really admired.

Hunger aroused can be read in one sitting, and while I had trouble reading it, I seemed to be in the minority.  Check out the reviews on Goodreads to see what I mean. :) While this book gave me problems, I really did enjoy Dee Carney's writing style, and can't wait to read more by her.