Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random thoughts on Lover Awakened

Title: Lover Awakened
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #3

  I sat down to write a real review, but honestly all that came out were these jumbled thoughts:

  • When I read the first two books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, I loved all the guys, but the heroines annoyed me so much that I didn't think I'd be able to read the rest of the series.

  • I think I started Lover Awakened a dozen times only to move onto other books. Yesterday, out of complete laziness I picked up the book (it was closest to me) and started reading it out of total boredom. You know what happened next? I surprised myself by actually liking the book! In fact, I liked it so much that after I finished the book (in one afternoon) I immediately started reading Butch's story-Lover Revealed.
  • The lessers are getting better-but honestly, I skim those chapters. I just don't understand why they are such a huge part of the book, when to me these books are more about romance and inner demons then fighting the enemy  While this has been my favorite of the books I've read so far, I thought that the book could have been a hundred pages shorter. I really didn't think that there was going to be a Happily Ever After, and it annoyed me that we didn't have more of the two actually being together.

  • John Matthew. there are 3 things annoy me about his story line:
1.) It cuts to his story at the most awkward moments. (Like after a tender moment between the hero/heroine)
2.) We almost have more of his story then the current story being told
3.) Why in the heck haven't they figured out who he really is yet? I mean I know Havers gave his theory about his bloodline-but he's got to be more then just the son of Darius, right?