Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Touched by An Alien by Gini Koch


Title: Touched by an Alien
Author: Gini Koch
Genre Science Fiction/Romance
Series: Katherine "Kitty Katt" Book #1

This book will break any stereotypes you have about reading science fiction. I am so grateful that it did. While I can watch every cheesy science fiction movie or tv series that is out there, before this book I just had a hard time reading about aliens. I don't know why-it's just a weird hang up I had. This is one of those books that crosses genres-it's a little sci fi and a little romance and a lot of humor.

Katherine "Kitty" Katt was going back to work from jury duty when she witnessed this couple fighting. Instead of going on her way, she stopped and watched as the guy turned into this weird superbeing. Instead of running and screaming in the other direction like everyone else, she got mad. She dug deep into her purse and pulled out the only weapon she could find-a ball point pen, and killed the superbeing with it. Before she knew she was surrounded by hot guys in Armani suits who wanted to know how she killed the alien with a pen and why she wasn't afraid of it like everyone else was. One of the hot guys was Jeff Martini, and he the other hot guys would introduce to her to a whole other side of life that she didn't know existed.

What I loved best about this book was that all the characters in this book, including the heroine and hero were so likable. They all had me laughing out loud, and wanting more of their stories. I loved her parents-her mom especially, and Christopher and Jeff together just made me sigh out loud with their hotness. There is so much more to this book then what I've written, but I don't want to spoil anything. When I got about halfway through the book and everything came together I was like: "Why didn't I figure that out earlier?!!!" (I said that quite a bit actually as the book went on.)

I really don't think I did this book justice with my review-and I can't say enough how much I loved this book. Gini Koch has become a must buy for me. This book will having you laughing at loud and falling in love with aliens. This is one of my favorite books of the summer so far! I am so hoping that the other characters in this book will have their own series, and that we finally get to meet Chucky!

Crush Meter: High
Sigh Meter: Medium
Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: High, High, High!
Ethan/Merit Sizzle Meter: High!
Lolz Meter: Super High
Action Meter: High
Sleep Meter: Medium
Sidekick Meter: High