Monday, April 26, 2010

Review-The Heirs of DarkIsle by Cassandra Pierce

Title: Heirs to Darkisle
Author: Cassandra Pierce
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
How Obtained: Sent to me to read by
Format: E-Book

DarkIsle is a small seaside town in New England where nothing much ever happens, and everybody knows everything about everyone. Briana Dempsey works at the Dunes Motel, which her father left her and has her hands full keeping her younger brother Todd out of trouble.  After a night of fun with a girl he picked up at the local bar her brother Todd gets caught trespassing at the Morgan Mansion by it's new owners Sebastian and Amy Morgan-which catches everyone in town off guard because after its reclusive owner Edgar Morgan died, no one knew he had any relatives left alive and they assumed the house was empty. Briana goes to the house to try to get the owner Sebastian to drop the trespassing charges dropped against her brother. Sebastian agrees, and as a way to make up for the trespassing comes up with a deal for Todd to work as a sort of handyman around the house.

Brianna senses something is up with Amy and Sebastian, but can't quite put her finger on what is different about them. Sebastian feels a pull towards Brianna that he know can only end in disaster, but can't seem to stay away  from her. Brianna discovers Sebastian's secret-he and Amy are vampires. Sebastian fights his fate by getting the blood he needs by injections while Amy accepts hers and feeds on human in the traditional vampire way.  Even though Sebastian is a vampire-Brianna accepts this and finds herself falling for him hard.

When the girl is murdered, local cops are suspicious of the Morgans, but Brianna gets in trouble because all evidence is pointing to her as the murderer. How will she be able to free herself without giving away the secrets she has learned about the Morgans?

When I first saw a review for this at Smokinhotbooks, this book sounded like one I would love-I had totally forgotten that it was coming to me for a review from and I was so excited when I got the e- book!  With this e-book I have discovered that I don't really have enough patience to read books at my computer-there are just too many distractions. That being said, when I started reading this book I had a really hard time getting into it. I just didn't feel the chemistry between Brianna and Sebastian. The more I read it though, I discovered that I really enjoyed the Gothic feel that this book had, and that we got to see things from Sebastian's point of view as well as Brianna's. It was a nice change of pace from most vampire books, where you only get the pov from the heroines viewpoint. By the end of the book I could really feel the passion between Sebastian and Brianna, and there were many great sigh worthy moments! Speaking of the end-it ended in such a way that it made me totally re-think of my feelings of the book and made me like it that much more. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!

Sigh Meter: Medium
Crush Meter: (Formally known as the Swoon Meter) Medium
Sizzle Meter: Medium
Sleep Meter: High (Not an up all night book, but still a good, quick read!)

Challenges counted toward: 

8/10 Read