Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Abc's

I was tagged to do this by Deb at Bookmagic! :)

Available or single? Much to my mothers dismay, single. :)
Best Friend? Michelle-we've been friends since high school-over 20 years now!
Cake or Pie? Pie! Especially my Grandma's homemade Peach pie.
Drink of choice? Coca Cola, Coffee, Pinot Grigio Wine
Essential item for every day use? Coffee :) I'm cranky with out it.
Favorite color? Purple
Google? All the time. I'd be lost with out it.
Hometown? Vandalia, Ohio
Indulgences? Coffee, wine and books!
January or February? January
Kids and their names? No kids :) Parents animals: Cleo (dog) and Bella (Cat-named before Twilight)
Life is incomplete without…? My parents dog Cleo and a good book
Marriage? Not yet-hopefully someday
Number of siblings? 2 younger sisters
Oranges or apples? Apples-esp. Jonathon's!
Phobias and fears? Fears: Becoming the bitter old cat lady
Quote for the day? My new favorite by Matthew Mcconaughey: "Life is a series of commas, not periods.
Reason to smile? Animals, sunny days, fall leaves, staying up all night reading a good book..oh yeah, my family :)
Season? Fall, hands down!
Tag 3 people? I couldn't choose three.. so if you'd like to do this, consider your self tagged. :)
Unknown fact about me? I'm a smoker (It's a bad habit-I'll quit one of these days!)
Vegetable you hate? Brussel Sprouts
Worst habit? My temper-which comes from lack of patience
X-rays you’ve had? too many to list here!
Your fave food? Middle Eastern
Zodiac sign? Virgo