Wednesday, December 18, 2013

His For Christmas by Jennifer Haymore

Title: His For Christmas
Author: Jennifer Haymore
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: House of Trent 1.5
Publisher: Forever Yours
Number of Pages: 120
Source: Netgalley

Jennifer Haymore introduced sweet, but shy Lady Esme in The Duchess Hunt, the first novel in her House of Trent Series. But what readers may not know is that proper young Lady Esme has a secret: the youngest sister of the Duke of Trent privately pens erotic stories! Society would never allow Lady Esme to share her own work, so her friend Jennifer Haymore is here to help—and just in time for Christmas! His for Christmas is the steamy story of two travelers who find themselves stranded in an inn when an unexpected snowstorm blankets the English countryside. As the temperature drops, desire rises and the two strangers share a night of passion unlike anything either has ever experienced. When dawn breaks and the storm clears, will they continue on their separate journeys, or will they begin a new path together?

 This little novella was delightful. It had everything one wants in a holiday book: a great romance, strong characters, and sighworthy and sizzling love scenes. It makes me wonder what took me so long to read this author.  What I loved about this novella is that it worked great as a standalone book, and even though the romance happened a bit too fast, it was believable because the passion between Evan and Amelia was sweet and powerful. 

The only fault I had with this was that it was much too short-it was finished at the 60% mark, and honestly I wanted more of Evan and Amelia! As someone who has never read Jennifer Haymore before, I really don't understand why Lady Esme is mentioned at all because she's not mentioned at all in this novella, and I can only guess it's to let readers know that this book is very well, hawt. I really can't wait to read more by Jennifer Haymore now!