Friday, November 15, 2013

Genre Binging

Until recently I didn't realize that I was what I call a genre binge reader. I recently started reading Historical Romances again because I love the fact that they are for the most part light and fun and you always know that you will get a Happily Ever After.

 I can't remember what book started this binge-I think it might have been Devil In The Winter by Lisa Kleypas, but I'm not sure...whatever the reason, I am having the hardest time switching genres now to something else!

Before Historical Romances it was Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance-that binge lasted 2 years before this one kicked in, and to be honest, I'm not sure what made me stop reading those genres except for the fact that with my current job I work longer hours and it's more physical so some nights when I come home I'm exhausted and my feet feel like there are pins in them...the last thing I want to do is concentrate on world building and the like. I hope this changes because I miss my heroines with katana swords. :)

While I'm on this binge, does anyone have any historical romances that I have to read? :)