Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Last call by Alannah Lynne

Title: Last Call 
Author: Alannah Lynne
Series: Heat Wave #2 
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Number of Pages: 230 
Source: Author 
Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all. His corporate climb has positioned him as the next CEO at Holden Enterprises. He’s financially stable, allowing him to provide for the grandfather who raised him, and his successful seduction of the sexy bartender last night proves his private life is also on fire. Until the alluring woman in his arms turns out to be a serious road-block to his future. One that could bring everything he's worked for crashing down around him. Sunny Black has spent her entire life tending to the needs of others, caring for her younger brother since she was ten, and serving bar patrons night after night. For the first time in years, she thinks of herself and gives in to her body’s demands, taking a trip to the wild side with a customer whose raw sexuality is too strong to deny. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might cause it to crumble. A game of sexual seduction and corporate chess ensues, with neither Gavin nor Sunny realizing the ending could come in the form of a permanent check-mate.

I loved the first book in this series, Savin' Me, so I was excited to read this one. While I loved Gavin, I had a really hard time connecting with Sunny. This is one of those cases where even after reading it, I'm still not sure why I had trouble connecting with her because she was fiercely independent, strong and  sassy-all traits I love in a heroine. I think my main problem with this book was that it was really different the first book, and while some of the characters are connected, it's really works well as a stand alone. 

What I did like about the story was how even though it had some super hot sex scenes, it still managed to be a sweet, feel good story.  I really enjoyed some of the secondary characters.  Gavin's boss and his daughter Callie were fun not to like, and there were a few twists and turns I didn't see coming with a few of the other characters that really surprised me. I want to say more, but I don't want to give anything away. All in all this was a fun, fast, light  fun summer read and while the first book in the series still remains my favorite, I can't wait to read Kevin Mazze's story in book three, because he's been a favorite since book one. :)