Monday, July 15, 2013

Author Interview with Nancy Naigle

Please help me welcome the wonderful Nancy Naigle to A Buckeye Girl Reads!! I was lucky enough to meet Nancy at the first Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together I went to and have made sure to see her at every RAGT since! She's super nice and a lot of fun. She's here today talking about her newest Adam Grove mystery, Wedding Cake And Big Mistakes, which released on July 9th! 

Title: Wedding Cake And Big Mistakes
Author: Nancy Naigle
Series: Adams Grove
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Number of Pages: 258
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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For years, Carolanne Baxter dreamed of a life beyond Adams Grove. Being the daughter of the town drunk was no picnic, so when college offered her a chance for escape, she took it. Now Carolanne has returned home, finally ready to make amends with her father, Ben, and to celebrate the wedding of her best friends Jill and Garrett. Of course, the fact that Connor Buckham, her sexy new law partner and Garrett’s best man, happens to be the same guy the town matchmaker named as Carolanne’s perfect match...well! That’s just icing on the cake. But Carolanne’s hopes for a fresh start are dashed when a dead body surfaces during Jill and Garrett’s wedding reception...and Ben Baxter becomes the prime suspect. The murder throws the town into uproar, threatening to destroy the tentative peace between father and daughter--and to derail the budding romance between Carolanne and Connor. Has the matchmaker’s perfect streak come to end? Or will the truth finally bring Carolanne the happy ending she’s dreamed of for so long? 

Hi Collette!
Thanks a million for hosting me on your blog. You’re so sweet to do that for me. I’m so excited about the release of Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes. It feels like it’s been forever!

Can you tell us a little bit about your Adams Grove series? Is Adams Grove based on a real town? That’s a trick question. The town name and location are real. In fact, it’s right up the road from where I live here in southern Virginia. Unfortunately, there’s pretty much nothing but a few farms, a Ruritan Club and a church there. The town itself is a hodgepodge of my favorite little towns across the nation.

Who was the most challenging/easiest character to write? The most challenging character to write in this book was Gina because I fell in love with her and I kept veering from the original storyline because of that.

What is your favorite thing about writing romance and mystery? I love getting tugged into the characters story. Every heartbreak, worry, hope and win feels like a personal journey.

How did you come up with the title for Wedding Cake & Big Mistakes? My facebook friends helped me come up with the title for the first book in the Adams Grove series. That was Sweet Tea and Secrets. It was such a fun title to say and easy to remember that I wanted to do something similar. Since this book really picks up with Jill and Garrett getting ready for the big wedding, it just seemed right. I have had to soothe a few worried friends about the ‘Big Mistakes’ part – that it’s not the wedding that’s a mistake. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief right here and now!

What is your favorite movie & why?  Message In A Bottle. The awkward, almost clumsy sweet Garret character was so endearing. He stole my heart right from the get-go. That movie still makes me cry even though I’ve seen it hundreds of times. Maybe that’s why my hero in Sweet Tea and Secrets is Garrett. (Only I spelled it with two T’s because after all we’re in the south and we do love our sweet tea. J )

Do you have a favorite scene from the book? When Carolanne has the winning bid on the necklace at the estate sale. That was a big turning point for her and it was kind of a bridge that softened the relationship between her and her dad. 

Can you tell us a bit about your next Adams Grove book coming out in Sept, Pecan Pie & Deadly Lies?  Yes!! It’s Cody Tuggle’s story. You’ll remember him as the amazingly hot, honky-tonkin’ country-western singer in Out of Focus. When Cody finds himself the number one suspect in the murder of his scheming agent, he turns to his only alibi, award-winning photographer Kasey Phillips.

Will she clear his name in time? Or will he become the victim of a deadly lie?
Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies is available for pre-order.
I had a blast writing that story. I have to admit if I could turn Cody Tuggle into a real man...I’d be one hap-hap-happy girl! Love that guy.

Where can we find you online?  
My Website: 

Sweet Tea And Secrets, Adams Grove #1

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When beloved town matriarch Pearl Clemmons dies on a warm June afternoon, the folks of Adams Grove, Virginia, can hardly believe it. Sure, Pearl was eighty-five years old, but everyone—particularly her granddaughter Jill—just assumed she would live forever. Now Jill must return home to settle Pearl’s estate, comfort a town in mourning…and face Garrett Malloy, the man who broke her heart years ago. Making matters worse, a string of break-ins at the Clemmons place has Jill and the rest of the town on edge. She can’t imagine what Pearl possibly could have had that is worth stealing. But when Jill’s safety is threatened, she and Garrett must join forces to unearth Pearl’s secrets before someone else—someone dangerous—gets there first. Garrett may have been the last man Jill wanted to see, but now, she may not want to let him go.

Out of Focus, Adams Grove #2

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A woman is caught in a web of deception as she desperately searches for her missing son.Kasey Phillips thought her biggest problem was deciding whether to photograph Cody Tuggle’s honky-tonkin’ tour, until an accident on Route 58 claims the life of her husband. Hurricane Ernesto threatens the region. In a desperate race against time they search for Kasey's three-year-old son who is missing from the wreckage. The community and friends rally to help, but someone knows more than they are telling.