Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together Reading Challenge

Last years Reader Author Get Together event:

One of my favorite reader events to go to is the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together held in West Chester, Ohio (that's a suburb of Cincinnati) every year. This will be my third year going, and it seems like every year I mean to read the author who aren't familiar to me, but never get around to doing it.

 Last year I almost missed out on Shawntelle Madison's book Kept, and I don't what that to happen again. So to motivate me into reading the authors on the list and connect with other readers who are going to the event, I thought I would do a reading challenge. Even if you aren't going to the reader/author get together you can still join in on the fun!

I've included all the authors who are attending below, and linked them to goodreads. A few weren't on there, so I linked to their website. A couple I couldn't find a webs presence for at all. If I'm missing any authors, please let me know :)

Colette's note: This is something I've done on my own, and is not affiliated with the RAGT at all.

Love Bites Level 
0-3 books

Bad Boys of Summer Level 
4-6 books

Buckhorn Level 
6-11 books

Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor Level 
12 or more books

Post your reviews and to sign up through Mr. Linky here:

Update: If you don't want to use Mr. Linky, it's ok! I'm going to post a challenge post every month where we can share what we've read for the month!

Authors: If I have missed you, please send me an email at and I can add you to the list-I tried hard to get a complete one, but haven't checked back since I started the post on March 8th.

If you would like to do a guest post, just send me an email!

Here are list of authors attending so far that I got of Lori's website as of 3/8/13: 

  1. Lori Foster, aka L.L. Foster
  2. Duffy Brown
  3. Kimberly Adkins
  4. Tricia Andersen, aka T.L. Andersen
  5. Jennifer Anderson
  6. Liz Andrews
  7. Katya Armock 
  8. Cynthia Arsuaga, aka Gray Dixon
  9. Mike Arsuaga
  10. Eden Ashe (no goodreads author page or books were found on there) 
  11. Nickie Asher
  12. Robyn Bachar
  13. D. Renee Bagby, aka Zenobia Renquist
  14. Becky Barker
  15. Maddy Barone
  16. Macy Beckett, aka Melissa Landers
  17. Dana Marie Bell
  18. Anara Bella
  19. Jules Bennett
  20. Trinity Blacio, aka Maria MoonStar
  21. Toni Blake, aka Lacey Alexander
  22. Leah Braemel
  23. Cheryl Brooks
  24. Stephanie Burke
  25. Monica Burns
  26. Suzan Butler
  27. Cora Cade (no goodreads presence) 
  28. Lynn Carmer
  29. Dee Carney, aka Morgan Sierra
  30. Sondra Allan Carr
  31. Sela Carsen
  32. Lisa Cooke, aka Liza Jayne
  33. Carey Corp
  34. Paige Cuccaro, aka Alison Paige
  35. Gia Dawn
  36. Amie Denman
  37. Nicole Dennis
  38. Virna DePaul
  39. Gayle Donnelly
  40. Cheryl Dragon
  41. S.J. Drum, aka J.T. Fairfield
  42. Tigris Eden
  43. Madison J Edwards
  44. Gabriella Edwards
  45. M.A. Ellis
  46. Margaret Ethridge, aka Maggie Wells
  47. Kelli Evans
  48. Suzanne Ferrell
  49. J Paulette Forshey, aka Genevieve Delacroix (no goodreads presence that looked like it was the right author)
  50. Melissa Foster
  51. Regina Hart, aka Patricia Sargeant
  52. Lozi Hart, aka F.R. Warnock
  53. Ruth J. Hartman
  54. Sherri Hayes
  55. Rita Henuber
  56. Tamara Hoffa
  57. Desiree Holt
  58. Jennifer Jakes
  59. Marcia James
  60. Maddie James
  61. Lorelei James
  62. Sandy James
  63. Jean Joachim
  64. Cat Johnson
  65. Darynda Jones
  66. Evelyn Jules
  67. Stacey Kade
  68. Tonya Kappes
  69. Melissa Keir
  70. Jeffe Kennedy
  71. Kimberly Killion
  72. Mercedes King (not sure if this is the right author, but couldn't find another w/the same name.) 
  73. Jean Kinsey, aka Jean Thompson-Kinsey
  74. Ciara Knight, aka Angelina Azure
  75. Ty Langston, aka Michele Villery
  76. Lora Leigh
  77. Jessica Lemmon
  78. Michelle Levigne
  79. Julie Anne Lindsey (I am so excited to see her name here!!!)
  80. Katherine Lowry Logan
  81. Sandy Loyd
  82. Alannah Lynne
  83. Tonya Macalino
  84. Robyn MacKenzie
  85. Donna MacMeans, aka Donna Richards
  86. J.M. Madden
  87. Shawntelle Madison
  88. Morgan Malone (could not find a website or goodreads page)
  89. Tracy March
  90. Annie Marshall
  91. Sandra Marton
  92. Lissa Matthews
  93. Kelsey Maxwell
  94. Janice Maynard
  95. Erin McCarthy
  96. Donna McDonald
  97. Katie McGarry  
  98. Jennifer McGowan  
  99. Maria McKenzie
  100. LuAnn McLane
  101. Linda McMaken
  102. Hildie McQueen
  103. Monette Michaels, aka Rae Morgan
  104. Lydia Michaels
  105. Linda Morris
  106. Robin Nadler
  107. Nancy Naigle, aka Johson Naigle
  108. Beverly Ovalle (could only find a facebook page)
  109. Mysti Parker
  110. Debra Parmley
  111. Cathy Perkins
  112. Robyn Peterman
  113. Constance Phillips
  114. Mary Quast
  115. Lynn Rae (couldn't find on goodreads, unsure if this is the right site))
  116. Jodi Redford
  117. Christy Reece, aka Ella Grace
  118. Kate Richards, aka Sullivan Hart
  119. Jenna Rutland
  120. Missy Lynn Ryan
  121. Jayne Rylon
  122. Suzanne M. Sabol
  123. PJ Schnyder
  124. Shannyn Schroeder
  125. Magdalena Scott
  126. Linnea Sinclair
  127. Tim Smith (could not find on goodreads)
  128. Teri Anne Stanley  (could not find on goodreads)
  129. Angela Steed
  130. Keri Stevens
  131. Karen Stivali
  132. Sandy Sullivan
  133. Tatum Throne
  134. Paige Tyler
  135. Amanda Usen, aka Miranda Baker
  136. Renee Vincent, aka Gracie Lee Rose
  137. Shiloh Walker, aka J.C. Daniels
  138. Mary Walsh (couldn't find on goodreads)
  139. Lori Wilde
  140. May Williams
  141. Beth Williamson, aka Emma Lang
  142. Michelle Witvliet
  143. Christina Wolfer
  144. Tianna Xander
  145. Maisey Yates
  146. Allyson Young
  147. Wendi Zwaduk, aka Megan Slayer