Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bonds of Trust by Lynda Archer

Title: Bonds of Trust
Author: Lynda Aicher
Genre: Contemporary Erotica/BDSM
Series: Wicked Play #1
Publisher: Carina 
Number of Pages: 
Source: Netgalley 

After ending her passionless marriage, Cali Reynolds is eager to live out her forbidden fantasies. Her first step is attending new members' night at The Den, the most exclusive sex club in town. Perhaps here she can find a man who understands her desire to be dominated… 
 At first, Jake McCallister thinks Cali has come to his club for the wrong reasons. But when he discovers she is seeking fulfillment after years of denial, he's intrigued—and takes it upon himself to initiate her into the pleasures she's been missing. Her first encounter with Jake is everything Cali has always craved, and more; she's not prepared for the feelings he inspires in her. And Jake is just as surprised by his overwhelming attraction to Cali. As their play intensifies, so does their bond. Now, Jake doesn't want anyone but Cali—but is he ready to officially claim her? And will she submit to being his forever.

This is one of those times where I thought I was reading a different book from everyone else based on the reviews at goodreads. Bonds of Trust follows what is now became the typical plot line for BDSM books: heroine goes to an exclusive club, falls in love with her master. The big misunderstanding happens, then they are reunited to live Happily Ever After.

I felt like this book was just well, boring and I think that is because I didn't connect to Cali, the heroine at all. The only thing that kept me reading was Jake. I do love a tortured hero, and Jake had some big issues to work out to accept his love of Cali. I loved watching him fight his feelings for her and lose.

What didn't work for me was the whole kid not speaking to mom because she finally gets a life after a divorce, and the the misunderstanding that had to do with her ex husband. While it did bring much needed closure to her Cali and her ex husband I was just like "Really? This is what's going to separate them?"

The only thing worse then the big misunderstanding was the obvious set up for book two in the series. They kept alluding how one of Calis friends must be hiding something and be running from something and that she had a connection to one of Jakes friends, Deklan. On the plus side, the mentions were fleeting, and didn't interfere with the romance in this book, but the mentions were just such obvious plants in the story line that they made me roll my eyes each time.  

I think I probably would have enjoyed this more if I had connected to Cali just a little, but when you don't care for the heroine, it makes it hard to enjoy the romance being told. I will say this about the book-if you have been curious about this genre, but have been afraid to try it this is a great book to start out with. The scenes are light, not very graphic but will give you a good taste for the genre.