Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloggiesta: Finish Line

I can't believe that Bloggiesta  which was hosted by There's a Book  and All About Books is over already! I didn't even have a margarita! I did however, get a lot done! This is my third Bloggiesta, but the first time that I was social during it. That's mainly because I never really entered it at the beginning-I always came in on the last day. This time however, I started on Friday and actually got a lot done! Here were my goals: 

  • Update My Books Read Archive 
  • Section my Books Read archive by genre as well as author 
  • Work on my how my blog appears in  SEO 
  • Participate in mini challenges 
  • Take part in twitter chats 
  • Update my links to favorite blogs 
  •  have a list for favorite authors 
  • Update  my ABG Book Tours Blogger list and fix the featured authors section to show the books instead of bios.  This took forever
I actually did all of them except for the third one. That's going to take much long then I had planned on! I might have it done in time for the next Bloggiesta! :) Putting my Books Read in order of genre took the longest, even though I had links already done. What surprised me was how many contemporary romances I've attempted to read over the last year or two. I thought that list would be five-but there is at least twice that many on there. :) My two biggest sections were Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy.  I made a list of my favorite authors-and I know I forgot a few on there, so that will have to be updated in the future. 

I had the most fun taking part in the one twitter chat I went to. I learned a lot and met a lot of new bloggers! Next time I want to do more the one mini-challenge (I created an About Me page.) and more then one twitter chat, and comment more on other blogs. Bloggiesta is so much fun. I'm glad that Tasha from Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Books talked me into doing it!