Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin

Title: The Hostage Bargain 
Author Annika Martin 
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance 
Number of Pages: E Book 
Publisher: Self Published

When small town girl Melinda Prescott is taken hostage by three hot bank robbers, she quickly discovers that a life of bank heists, luxury hotels, and kinky menages is way more exciting than working on the family sheep farm. She should be scared of her dominating, fierce captors...but there's something wicked inside her that's craving to obey their every dark desire.Melinda's an all-too willing captive to three smoldering sex maniacs...but is it all too good to be true? Will her delicious captors overcome their own demons enough to let her in…or is she going to end up a victim of the world's sexiest crime spree? Warning: This book contains a sexy bank-robbers-and-their-captive sandwich, light bondage, spanking, teasing hints of domination, and a little play-time in a hot tub. Oh, and some all too delicious, villainous alpha heroes who bend the heroine to their will. (goodreads)

I admit that I had some qualms about reading this one. A heroine who ran a sheep farm but worked as a bank teller and then joins up with some robbers? I didn't think that the story would be believable or that I would be able to connect to the heroine at all. But you know what? This book really surprised me, because while the heroine did take some getting used to she really grew on me by the end of the book. Do I agree with all of her actions? No, I do not, but I could see where she was coming from and why she made some of the choices she did-like leave her old life behind and having no qualms about helping them out. 

Luckily for Melinda the bank robbers she fell in with were super hot and more then made up for her flaws. I loved all of the guys in the book, and really liked their names-Thor, Odin and Zeus. Melinda spends the most time with Thor, and I have to admit that I adored him. Zeus was the one that was the hardest to get a handle on. I liked that he didn't immediately join in on falling for Melinda like the other two because it just made the story a little more believable. He has his issues, and I was really wondering how Melinda would work her charm on him. There are a few scenes between the two I really liked because of how emotional they were. 
I just want to go on and on about how much I loved this book. It's one of the few books lately that finished it and had a content sigh on my face all night. I'm not sure why this book pulled me in so much, but it did. The Hostage Bargain is just a lot of hotness and fun to read. I found myself cheering for the bank robbers. I really hope that this isn't a stand alone book and that we learn more about who  Thor, Odin and Zeus are. 

This was just a fun read-you just have to go into with that mindset. I really hope that there are more stories to come with these four.

Barrons Hero Hotness Meter: Super High 
Curran Crush Meter: High 
Martini Sigh Meter: Low 
Rhiannon Kick Ass Heroine Meter: Medium