Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogiversary Bash: Gabi Stevens Character Interview & Giveaway

Please help me welcome one of my favorite Paranormal Romance authors back to A Buckeye Girl Reads. Gabi Stevens is here doing a character interview with the characters from her newest book in The Time of Transition series Wishful Thinking. My review can be found here. She's also giving away one of the books in her series to a commenter! Details are below. & it's international.

Hyacinth, Lily and Rose-Can you tell us a bit about the Time of Transition  series and what your roles in it were?
Lily: I don’t know how much we should say. There could be Groundlings reading this.
Rose: Oh, I’m sure we can trust everyone here.
Hyacinth: Yeah, ‘cause that attitude doesn’t get you into trouble.
Lily: Ah-hem. The Arcani world exists side by side with the Groundling. Our magic remains a secret, because, let’s face it, relationships between Arcani and Groundlings haven’t always been smooth.
Hyacinth: Think Salem Witch Trials and the stories of the Grimm Brothers.
Lily: Hyacinth.
Hyacinth: What? It’s not like they couldn’t look it up themselves.
Rose: We’re what you call fairy godmothers. Merlin set up our jobs when he realized we couldn’t live openly together. We keep an eye on Groundlings to make sure they don’t come searching for us. But he didn’t want to leave you completely without magic. So we have the power to see wishes. We grant some of them. That’s the best part of the job.
Lily: We also protect Groundlings to keep any ambitious Arcani from hurting Groundlings. In any case, every seventy years it’s time for the fairy godmothers to step down and new ones to take over.
And it’s that time. The three new godmothers, Kristin, Reggie, and Stormy, are ready.
Rose: They are such brillian girls.
Hyacinth: Only this time the transition isn’t smooth. And they’ll need all the help they can get. From us and from the wonderful men who enter their lives.
Hunter, what was the hardest part of guarding Stormy?
Hunter: Trying to out-think her. She has impulse issues. As in not controling them. And emotional ones. She bases all her decisions on her gut, not her head.
Okay, that’s not fair. Oh, it’s all true, but that wasn’t the hardest part. Hard, but not the hardest. The hardest was remembering that she was my asset. My job. I was supposed to protect her and keep her away from the godmothers. She got into my head and wouldn’t leave. And keeping it, the job, professional was the hardest damn thing I’ve ever done. Hell, who am I kidding? I failed.
Stormy, what was Hunter’s most annoying trait? 
God, he’s so loyal and obedient. I know those don’t sound like bad traits, but they can be. He went on and on about the rules. As if I didn’t know them. Just because rules exist doesn’t mean you always have to follow them. Oh sure, rules can be important, but sometimes you have to be flexible. Luckily, he can think for himself.
Tank, was it fun watching your partner Hunter being turned around by a girl?
Yeah, after it was all over. Going through it, not so much. And I still can’t believe she didn’t fall for me. I’m better looking and funnier. The guy’s my best friend, but he’s a bit of a tight ass. And speaking of tight asses, have you seen this one? (Tank turned around here, and let me tell you, ladies, that is one nice ass.)
Stormy, what was your most favorite thing about becoming a Fairy Godmother? 
Are you kidding? The magic. Although that’s easy to say now that I have it more under control. Wasn’t so much fun at first. But my dads loved it. You should have seen Dad’s eyes when he first learned. He was always proud of me, but when he learned I’d be a fairy godmother he sparkled. And Daddy was excited too, but he toned it down so Dad wouldn’t be so worried.
Seriously, it’s a tremendous responsibility, and one I’m not sure I wanted, but the magic is really cool...most of the time.
Hunter & Stormy: What do you like best about each other?
Hunter: She brings light to my world, reminds me to look around and enjoy, and relieves the weightiness. She’s joy and laughter and life rolled into one package. She’s my dreams and aspirations and she forces me to think.
Stormy: Wow. I didn’t know you had poetry in you. I’m not as good with words. He’s my rock. I know he’ll be there when I want him, and he’ll catch me when I fall.
Hunter: Not exactly original, but I’ll take it.
Stormy, waving her wand: Watch it, brave guy, or I’ll use this thing on you.
Hunter, grabbing her and kissing her: Anytime.
Hyacinth, How would you describe this book in one word?

I suppose you expect me to say “awesome,” which it is, but that’s too easy. I guess I want to say life-affirming. As I say in the book, sometimes you can’t turn your back on what’s right, and doing the right thing gives life meaning. Love, life, friends, family—they’re all life-affirming. And if you have a problem with a hyphenated word, take it up with the Council. 

Gabi is offering one of the books in the Time of The Transition series to one lucky commenter! Just leave a question for Gabi or one of her characters, an email address in case you are the winner and which book in the series you would like.Giveaway is open until 5/22/12 at 11pm est.