Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Post with Kathleen Kole & Blog tour giveaway

Please help me welcome Kathleen Kole, author of Favorable Conditions to A Buckeye Girl Reads!

What would I have been doing, had I not chosen to take the path of writer/author?

I have been asked the question, “Is there any other career you considered, instead of that of writer/author?” and the answer is yes. What were they?  Well, off the top of my head, I can think of three careers I seriously contemplated before I fully embraced this wordy path.

1.  Veterinarian.

Animals were my first love.  My Mom has teased me off and on over the years with the information that my first word wasn’t “Mama”, but instead, “Doggy”.  Throughout my childhood I begged (and I mean that literally - my poor, harassed Mom) to be allowed to have a pet.  I left notes around the house with imploring pleas and statements as to why I would be a good “pet parent”.  I brought home every cat I could find in the neighborhood with the claim it was lost (most weren’t even strays, oops).  And, I read and watched every book and program I could find that was focused upon animals.  

Why then, after all of that animal adoration, did I not become a full-fledged Veterinarian? The schooling.  More succinctly put, Chemistry class.  Once I hit high school, I was smacked squarely in the face with the unvarnished truth that I and Chemistry were like oil and water - never going to mix.  And, so, I set aside my Veterinary aspirations and stuck to giving my pets (yes, I finally wore my Mom down) the lives of Reilly.  

2.  Dancer/dance studio owner/instructor.

I began training in dance at age five (first in Ballet, then Jazz) and continued until I was nearly twenty.  It was as natural to me as walking.  After graduating from high school, I seriously considered creating my own dance studio and, in fact, was on the precipice of beginning that journey when... I was given the news I’d been accepted into a program I had applied to at a local College.  And, that takes us directly to number three.

3.  On-air/television reporter.

Upon receiving word I’d been accepted into the “Radio and Television Arts” (RTA) program at the Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT), my focus shifted.  Yes, admittedly, I loved dance, but the fact of the matter was I’d applied to the program for a reason.  I was pulled by the idea of exploring another facet of myself; the challenge of creation in a whole new direction.  Turns out, I was spot on.

When I entered the program, I was introduced to a whole new world of possible careers and life paths.  It was exhilarating.  And, I must tell you, at the beginning I honestly thought my focus would be honing my skills for on-air work.  What a surprise it was to discover that, while I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the education, I was falling head over heels for the training I was receiving in writing.  

I am so grateful for that education.  Not only did it fully develop my focus, but it sharpened my skills in ways I’d never imagined.  I graduated the RTA program with a very clear understanding: I was a writer.  

And so, again, in response to the question, “Is there any other career you considered, instead of that of writer/author?” I’ll say yes, but with one important provision: I’m so thankful I didn’t embark upon them and, instead, trusted myself to follow this wordy journey.  It’s given me nothing but joy and I am grateful each and every day to every reader, blogger and friend who willingly jumps on board with me. 

Thank you, Colette, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share this guest post.  And an even greater thanks for jumping on board for the tour and being a friend. 

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