Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Author Interview & Giveaway with Gini Koch

I am so excited to welcome back one of my favorite authors, Gini Koch! Book four in the Kitty Katt series is due out December 6th and she is here to talk about some of her favorite things about my favorite Science Fiction Romance series! I love this series so much that I am going to giveaway a copy of book 3, Alien In The Family to one lucky commenter.  Rules are after the interview! If you have time, make sure to head over to GoodReads where Alien In The Family is in the semi-finals for favorite Science Fiction book of the year! I really wanted to have this book read by now, but I'm taking part in NanoWriMo, and it's more time consuming then I thought it would be.

Alien Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt is expecting her first baby. But the alien attacks are getting more dangerous, and now Kitty and her Alpha Centaurion husband, Jeff, have to find out who's behind the conspiracy to kill Kitty's secret agent mom and what caused Kitty's transformation into a superhuman-and they've got to do it all before the baby shower...(goodreads)

1. Alien Proliferation is book 4 in the Kitty Katt series, what should we know about the first 3 books?

They’re the best books ever written and a deal at twice the price! (Hey, you still cannot blame a girl for trying.)The series follows Katherine “Kitty” Katt, the world’s best accidental badass, as she first discovers that the Roswell rumors are true and that there are not only aliens living on Earth, but they’re here to help, have what humans consider superpowers, and are all drop dead gorgeous. As the series progresses, so does Kitty’s involvement with the Alpha Centaurions, Earth governments, and interstellar governments.

The books are science fiction with a lot of romance, action and humor, heavy emphasis on humor. Kitty’s a fun, funny girl with a quirky worldview, and that comes through and rubs off on the other characters. Politics, conspiracy theories, big bad fuglies, and more, Kitty and Company deal with them in their own particular way. It’s not always pretty, but it usually works…eventually.

The books are a lot of fun to write and readers tell me they’re a lot of fun to read, too, so it all works out. You can start the series with Alien Proliferation, but I think readers will enjoy the books more if they begin with Touched by an Alien and move on from there.

2. If you had to choose one character to clone for yourself, who would it be & why?

That’s a tough one because I love all my characters, even the bad guys. I think I have to go with Charles “Chuckie” Reynolds, though, because he’s brilliant, good looking, great in bed, wealthy, and human. I love my aliens, but someone has to support the human guys, too, right?

Colette: *gasps* Chuckie?! I thought for sure you’d pick my favorite AC, Martini or my second favorite one, Christopher-think how fast they’d clean your house!!

Gini: LOL, I know. But you asked and I’m a truthful girl. And Chuckie can afford to hire maid service. Chuckie can afford to have a full staff. Sure, it wouldn’t be the A-C Elves, but still…

3. Do you have a favorite Kittyism? If so, what is it?

Yep, from Touched by an Alien:  “My crazy’s working a lot better than your sanity.”

4. Do you have a favorite Daniel Dos Santo cover? (it doesn’t have to be from your series)

Oh, mine, babe. The covers he’s done for me are my faves. LOL I have trouble picking, because each cover is great. I think probably Alien Tango’s, because it’s so cool and it features one of the ‘gators. But asking me to pick fave covers, books, or characters is like asking me to pick my favorite child (which is actually easier for me, since I only have one child, but many books). Each cover Dan does is awesome in its own right…and when they’re all together I’m constantly blown away by how good each one is.

5. What upcoming projects do you have in store for us?

Gosh. Lots. As you know, I write under a variety of pen names, including Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton, and J.C. Koch. All of those have releases out or coming out from Musa Publishing.

In order of release date: “The Royal Scam - The Martian Alliance Chronicles 1” by Gini Koch, released Oct. 1; “Hotter Than Hell” by Jemma Chase, released Oct. 14; “When Josie Comes Home - The New West 1” by A.E. Stanton, released Oct. 28; “Field Trip” by J.C. Koch in Penumbra eMag November issue, released Nov. 1; “The Disciple” by Jemma Chase, released Nov. 4; “Deacon’s Ark - The New West 2” by A.E. Stanton, releasing Nov. 18 (tomorrow!); “Strange Protection” by Jemma Chase in Penumbra eMag December issue, releasing Dec. 1; “Alien Proliferation” by Gini Koch, releasing Dec. 6th; “Contingency Plan - The Neighborhood 1” by Anita Ensal, releasing Dec. 23; “The Deacon of Desert Springs - The New West 3” by A.E. Stanton, releasing Jan. 27; “Wanted - The Asteroid Belt 1” by Anita Ensal, releasing Feb. 17; “Three Card Monte - The Martian Alliance Chronicles 2” by Gini Koch, releasing Feb. 24; “Being Neighborly - The Neighborhood 2” by Anita Ensal, releasing March 23; and last, for this list, but in no way least, “Alien Diplomacy” by Gini Koch, releasing April 3.

There’s more coming, including Alien vs. Alien next December, and Alien in the House and Alien Collective coming in 2013. So, I have a lot in store for everyone. And no, I never sleep any more. But I live to write, so it all works out. And the doctors say that the twitch in my eye is quite fetching.

Gini, thank you so much for stopping by! Here is where you can find Gini on the web: 

Official Fan Site of the Alien Collective 

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Edited to add: Where is the love for Martini, Christopher and Chuckie? :) I love kitty and all, but Martini is so my favorite alien. :)