Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stephanie Julian Guest Post & Giveaway!

 Please help me welcome Stephanie Julian, one of my favorite Paranormal Romance authors to A Buckeye Girl Reads! At the end of the guest post Stephanie is being kind enough to giveaway one EBook copy of Seduced by Magic and one Paperback book of What a Goddess wants to a lucky commenter! What a Goddess Wants is only open to US/Canada residents.

When I sat down to start what would become SEDUCED BY MAGIC, I never expected that three years and 15 stories later, I’d still be writing about the Etruscans.I love writing series. I love revisiting favorite characters, finding out what they’re doing, how they’re getting along while introducing new characters.And with the Etruscan community in my books, there’s such a wide range of paranormal elements to write about.

In GRACE IN MOONLIGHT, the fifth book in the Lucani Lovers series, the story focuses on Grace Bellasario, who, yes, was the villain in the first three books. Her family is Malandante, Etruscans who are born with a bent toward evil. The Mal like power and don’t really care how they get it.But you know a funny thing about villains… they have stories too. And in Grace’s case, she’s got a damn good reason for what she’s done. She’s a mother and her child is dying. She’ll do whatever it takes to save her son.  Of course, Grace isn’t looking for love but then neither is Kaisie Giliati. He’s got a grown daughter. He’s a damn good tracker for the lucani king. And his life’s pretty set. Too bad love has its own timetable.

The beginning of a new love story is so much fun. The first kiss, first touch, first love scene. You get to learn so much about characters through those scenes, especially in how they react to each new situation.  As a writer, you hope the reader falls in love with your hero and identifies with the heroine. You hope they’re just as happy as your characters when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him in the end.  Unless of course, that bad guy has a really compelling story.
In another corner of my Etruscan world, I’m writing the Forgotten Goddesses series, focusing on the goddesses of the Etruscan Pantheon. WHAT A GODDESS WANTS was released in July and HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS will be released in December. Right now, I’m finishing the third book, GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE, to be released next summer.
If you’ve read WHAT A GODDESS WANT, you know that Charun, the Etruscan God of the Underworld is sending his demons to retrieve goddesses so he can consume their powers and get the hell out of Hell.  Why? You’ll have to read the books to find out. What I can say is that I love playing with old myths. Love, death, sacrifice…these themes all play such a huge role in those ancient stories. And make our modern stories that much more interesting.

Giveaway Rules:
Answer the question:  Do you have a favorite theme in love stories?   Please leave a way for me to contact you in case you are the winner. If you do not have your email address on your blogger profile, please leave that or your twitter handle for me. Also, Please let me know what book you are entering for or if you are entering for both of them.  The Ebook Seduced by Magic is open internationally while What A Goddess wants is open to only US/Canada residents.  Giveaway is open until Sept 7, 2011 @ 11:09pm.

 My Review

 What A Goddess Wants (My Review is here) 

It's OK no one remembers Etruscan Sun goddess Tessa. But when a demon threatens her life, she must turn to mythology's darkest warrior for protection...
Caligo of the Cimmerians has never met a woman as warm, sunny and inviting as Tessa. Their sizzling mutual attraction quickly sweeps the two of them into a love story that's worthy of the gods...

Kaisie Giliati is the lucani king’s best tracker. He’s used to hunting and capturing his prey with little resistance. He’s also old enough to know exactly what he wants, and the feisty redhead who stirs him like no other is at the top of his list. Too bad she’s the enemy and seemingly impervious to his charms.Grace Bellasario has a target on her back, two children to protect from their evil father and she’s in love for the first time in her life. With a man who should hate her—a man she has no business craving. But does she ever. Grace doesn’t have a chance in hell of shaking Kaisie off her tail. Now he just needs to keep her alive to live happily ever after…