Thursday, December 16, 2010

Re-Read: DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning


I've been meaning to re-read this series forever, and when Mandi from Smexybooks and Fiction Vixen announced that they were hosting a re-read I was all for it...however I have horrible planning when it comes to reading books and am joining in on the re-read a little late. FaeFever will be discussed on December 20th. Darkfever's discussion can be found here (at Fiction Vixens blog) Bloodfever's discussion can be found here (at Smexybooks) and I think FaeFever will be at Smexybooks. 

When I started re-reading this I was determined to look for clues that I missed the first time around about who/what Barrons is, the beast and anything else that came to mind. I have to admit I am horrible at seeing foreshadowing-even when it's looking me right in the eye. I have to admit, I forgot how annoying Rainbow Mac was, and how many times do you think the word pink was used? I also realized that the middle of KMM's books are a little slow..but the endings are so wonderful that you forget about the middle ever dragging! That's talent. :) I really enjoyed re-reading DarkFever, and can't wait to read Bloodfever next! Re-Reading this book made me realize how much I love re-reading books. I'm determined to do one re-read of a favorite book every month next year! Anyway, here are some things that made me go hmm while I re-read it:

  •  In the beginning of the book, Mac is saying how she loves to read, and how books tell so much more of the story then movies, and she uses Harry Potter as an example. I can't remember why it's brought up, but Disney's Beauty & the Beast was mentioned. This got me thinking about Barrons and the beast that is mentioned in the other books-is a curse some how related? Is the beast really a handsome prince or just someone who chose wrong and ended up cursed as the beast? *cough* Alina *cough* 
  • Why does Barrons always appears at night?
  • On Pg 139 when Mac and Barrons were meeting someone...I think O'Bannion he says something to the effect of: "It's almost a full moon. It makes people act beastly" That's not the exact quote, but full moon and beast were used, and it made me go hmmm..How does what's his name know about the beast? 
  • How did Barrons jump 30 ft to the floor?
  • How did he sneak in unseen? 
  • Discussion of the Lord Master being Alina's boyfriend, but not killer 
  • What happened to the things Mac found of Alinas? (The photo albums and planner? Why would Barrons need them? Barrons painting Mac's toenails (I thought that was sweet!)