Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest post & Giveaway with Author Denise Robbins

I want to thank Denise Robbins, author of Never Tempt Danger to A Buckeye Girl Reads. She is giving away one signed copy of Never Tempt Danger to one lucky person. For details see below. :)

We wanted to learn a little more about your heroine of NEVER TEMPT DANGER. My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

When and where is the last time you saw your heroine? About a month ago in New Hampshire underneath the hood of an old green Mustang.

What was her behavior when you last met? Dressed in baggy denim overalls, covered in oil and dirt, she was walking on cloud nine. She just won a huge government contract with DARPA for her morphing robots.

Do you know where your character is today, what she is doing? Not exactly. She’s probably chasing some idiotic terrorist, saving some politician’s butt, or working on a new robot.

Can you spell your character’s full name and any known aliases. Maureen Gillman AKA Gilly.

How exactly did you come up with her name? I didn’t come up with it. She did. The night I crawled in bed and the first scene popped into my head, so did Maureen’s name. Maureen was my high school best friend’s name and Gillman is a family name on my mother’s side.

Can you please give a description of your character? Tough, independent, smart as heck, and a woman who has a gift we would all like to have. At least we think we would. Having experienced a little ESP, I’m not always certain it’s a good thing.

Do you have a picture of your heroine? Maureen has to keep a low profile in order to maintain her job as a secret agent. The only picture I have is her very exposed backside. And since that makes me jealous, I’m not sure I want to show it to you.

Has she been sleeping with anyone new as of late? No. She’d been hanging out with a guy who wanted to marry her but then he died. She’s back to fraternizing with Lucas Danger, which in my opinion is a good thing. The dude is hot, not to mention ex-CIA.

What is your relationship with your heroine? Now that Gilly’s let her secret out of the bag, we have a much better relationship. I mean I love her because she seriously kicks butt, but holding back a talent is such a waste. Psst…Don’t tell her, but I am wicked jealous of her red hair.

We found this hiding in Maureen’s closet. Can you tell me what it is? *Sighs* Her robot prototype. It’s the most important thing she’s ever built. Of course, don’t tell her I called it a thing. To Maureen, even though the robot is mechanical, since it is self-learning it is real, alive. Heck! She even thinks it is cute. *Wrinkles nose*

Will we see this character again? Hm. Possibly. I tend to like various characters pop in and out of stories. However, some of them need to be taught manners and only pop in when they are invited…uh-hem Jake.

Is there anything else you want to share about Maureen AKA Gilly? Not really. You can ask her your own questions. Just be prepared to get what may or may not be the whole truth.

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