Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moning Maniacs Challenge

I've been meaning to re-read Karen Marie Moning's books for the upcoming release of ShadowFever this winter, and now I have an excuse! The Paperback Dolls are hosting the Moning Maniacs Challenge. The goal: To read all of her books by January 18th. I only made it up to Adam Blacks story in the Highlander series, so this is a great excuse for me to re read her books! Wish me luck & join me in the challenge!  Here are all of her books:

Highlander series [PR]
Beyond the Highland Mist-March 1999
To Tame a Highland Warrior-December 1999
The Highlanders Touch-November 2000
Kiss of the Highlander-September 2001
The Dark Highlander-October 2002
The Immortal Highlander-August 2004
Spell of the Highlander-August 2005
Into the Dreaming-August 2006 (Novella)

Fever series [UF]
Darkfever-October 31, 2006
Bloodfever-October 16, 2007
Faefever-September 16, 2008
Dreamfever-August 18, 2009
Shadowfever-January 18th 2011