Friday, June 4, 2010

Books I didn't think I'd love

The Book List is just a short and fun meme from Rebecca over at Lost In Books. that allows you to share books and make a list of books! Who doesn't love lists?!? This Week's Topic is the brain child of Cristina aka Enbrethiliel of the blog Shredded Cheddar:

3 Books I'd Thought I would   Hate But I Ended Up Loving:

1. Mind Games by Carolyn Crane-This has turned out to be one of my favorite books this year. The story centers around a hypochondriac, and I remember thinking: How can this be a good book? Then I saw glowing review after glowing review and decided to get it from the library. I loved this book so much that I ended up buying my own copy. I can't wait until the sequel comes out this summer! If you like Urban Fantasy, this is a must read! Honestly, I can't say enough about how much I love this book.

2. Left to Tell by ImmaculĂ©e Ilibagiza This is a non fiction biography that my Grandma loved it so much that she made everyone she knows who likes to read, read it. I remember picking this book up, and thinking "I'll read the first chapter and see how it goes." I think this is the only biography that I stayed up late reading. Immaculee tells the story of how she survived the Rwandan Holocaust. 

3. Sahara by Clive Cussler-I was in the Peace Corps Morocco back when I was young and adventurous. After a few months of re-reading everything I had brought with me, I was desperate for new material. Fortunately our headquarters had a library of books that had been left by other volunteers for various reasons. Romances were few and far between, and this was one of the few non serious fiction books that appealed to me. The book was much better then the movie (lets just say Penelope Cruz's character is only in the first chapter.) and this got me hooked on action adventure type books.

What are 3 books that you ended up loving but didn't think you would?