Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am an avid reader who has a weakness for romances. If you are an author or publisher who would like me to review a book, please keep in mind that: I read the following genres: Chick Lit, historical romance, Erotica, paranormal, and Urban Fantasy romance. I have also been known to read some YA books.  I do not read a lot of  mysteries, horror or science fiction books. I a m an honest reviewer and will write if I liked it, hated it or couldn't get past page 20.  If you are sending me an ARC via UPS, please let me know as I  have a different shipping address to give you so it doesn't get lost! To contact me, please email me at:

FTC DISCLOSURE: All books are purchased by me or borrowed from the library unless it is stated that it is an Advanced Review Copy. (ARC). In the future, if any Advanced Review Copies are received it will be stated so in the post and will not be sold.

Swoonworthy- I'd so like to have this hero as my fictional boyfriend. They are so hot that I wanted to swoon over them.
Sighworthy- When a hero issues a great line and I sigh over it.  May now be known as the Barrons Sigh.
Cheesy Line Meter-When the characters say something so cheesy you can't believe it! (Like: My world was nothing until you.)
Action Meter-When there's a lot of kick butt and take names action going on in a book. Most frequently found in Urban Fantasy romances.