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A Book Giveaway & Interview from Kimberly Killion

I've been lucky enough to have been talking to the wonderful Kimberly Killion all week, and when she asked me if I could help promote the contest she was having at her website, I said yes, because while I haven't read her books yet, I have them on my to-read list, and they look wonderful. Since her books are on my wish list, I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and her books.
Here's the bio she gave me: Kimberly Killion is an Award-winning author,
Kimberly Killion, writes sexy writes Medieval romances for Zebra Books.
Her debut book, Her One Desire, was a RITA® nomineeand her second book
HIGHLAND DRAGON, went into a second printing before release.
RT Book Reviews dubbed Killion as an author who writes
captivating romance with excellent pacing  and characters who are
Honorable, intelligent and full of humanity.Aside from writing,
Killion teaches graphic/web designand serves as the
 President of the Missouri Romance Writers of America.
She lives in Illinois with her husband, two children, a dog, three cats,
and two dozen chickens.

Kimberly was kind enough to answer some questions for me :) I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did!

You write in the Medieval time era. Why did you choose this time frame and how does it enhance the stories? I love the drama that goes hand in hand with the Medieval era. The struggles and decisions faced by the Highland laird were no small potatoes. People were always at risk, as was land and status. I like to write with a dramatic flare. I have a voice for it, and I think that’s what makes my stories so intense.  
What is your favorite part of being a writer? As the heroine, I get to fall in love. As the hero, I get to be strong, handsome, flirtatious, witty… As the villain, I get to be sadistic and twisted. And as the author, I get to play with people’s lives, make them cry, make them laugh, make them fall in love. And if I’m lucky, I might just inspire one person—the reader.  
What was your favorite scene/chapter from the book? Oh, wow! This is a difficult question. I love the “tree scene”, the “blessing of the bed” scene, the scene where Aunt Wanda says, “I’ve the mind to take a blade to your bollocks and have Mattie cook them slowly over the spit. Ye’ve nay use for them.” But my favorite would have to be Calin and Akira’s initial meeting. She is being sold at a slave auction of sorts and is a wee bit pissed off about her predicament.  
Here’s a snippet: He crawled atop Akira on all fours, covering her from head to toe. Mocking their privacy, the guards lowered a gauze canopy—caging them like breeding animals on public display. She violently thrashed her head side to side, whipping a black web of hair to veil her features. “Imigh sa diabhal, bastún,” Akira cursed at him in Gaelic. And then in French. “Focal leat! Retournez à la pute qui t’a accouchée!” “I am nay a bastard, and my mother wasnae a whore.” Calin calmly corrected her expletives. Her obscene vocabulary both shocked and impressed him. “To the devil with your black blood. May ye rot alongside the bitseach that birthed ye.” “Nor was my mother a bitch.” Although Calin knew little about the woman who died giving birth to him, he felt a sense of honor to protect his mother from such heinous names. He exhaled dramatically, shook his head, and tsked. “How can such a vulgar tongue be placed betwixt the lips of such a bonnie fine mouth?” In response, Akira spat on him. She then thrust forward, ramming her forehead into the bridge of his nose. The impact against his skull reverberated clear to his back teeth. Hell and damnation, his bride was a hoyden!

What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand? That it’s hard. I think there is a misconception that writers just sit down and start typing. There is so much that goes into a story that non-writers don’t know about, like the research, the character development, GMC…just to name a few. What is something readers would be surprised you do? I get up between 3:00 and 4:00 am every morning to write. It is the most peaceful time of day and all is quiet. Plus, I write in a camper that’s parked right outside my garage.

Five questions about books:  
One book that you have read more than once. Julie Garwood’s THE SECRET
One book you would want on a desert island: Teresa Medeiros’s HEATHER AND VELVET
One book that scared you: Scott Smith’s THE RUINS  
One book that made you cry: HIGHLAND DRAGON (I sobbed through that thing while I was doing line edits)  
One book you wish you'd written? TWILIGHT

Check out Kimberly's award-winning novel,
 HIGHLAND DRAGON, released Oct. 6 from Zebra books.
Secrets and lies have a price that must be paid in blood through the generations. Eighteen years after hiding the secret of his betrothed’s lineage, Laird Calin MacLeod must choose between avenging his father’s death and surrendering to the passion he finds in the arms of his enemy’s daughter. "Fascinating…well-crafted romance. The appeal of Killion's characters comes from their honor, intelligence and humanity."–Romantic Times, 4-star review  Are you hooked??? Want a chance to get your hands autographed copies of Kimberly's books? She's giving away a sled-full of books...

Check out this contest...

 Kimberly is giving away these books:

Highland Dragon by Kimberly Killion Her One Desire by Kimberly Killion An Affair Before Christmas by Eloisa James Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell Untouched by Anna Campbell Tempt the Devil by Anna Campbell Before the Scandal by Suzanne Enoch Death Angel by Linda Howard Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spears Everything Forbidden by Jenna Petersen You have to do two simple things to enter: 1) Go to Kimberly's website and fill out the form on her contest page 2) Follow Kimberly's blog, Wowf about Writing! GOOD LUCK and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  


Contest Rules: One entry per person per contest period. Contest winner will be announced on Kimberly Killion's website and blog Dec. 26th, 2009. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older

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