Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Reviews: A Demon and a Vampire

You'll notice that this picture is slightly larger then the covers I normally have for the books I'm reviewing and there is a reason for that. Gena Showalter book covers are just sigh-worthy. Each one in the Lords of the Underworld series just gets better and better. This is the third book in the LOTU series and tells the story of Reyes (whose demon is pain) and Danika. When I first heard that Reyes got his story told so early on in the series I was a little disappointed because I thought he was a big whiner in the first two books. "Oh woe is me I have to hurt myself and Danika hates me." were about the only things we learned about him. I wasn't a big fan of Danika in the first book either-I thought she was stupid for not seeing that the Lords were the good guys.By the end of the book I totally loved Reyes. In this book it showed that he could do more then whine, and had a lot of good fighting and swoon-worthy scenes.

The Lords of the Underworld were immortal warriors who made the mistake of opening Pandora's box. For their punishment they must live with the demons that escaped from the box.  We first meet Reyes and Danika the first book. If I remember correctly, Danika & her family are captured to keep her and her family safe from Aeron (Wrath) who was given an order by the Titan Cronus to kill them. Danika and her family escape, and the search for them starts in the second book and continues in this one. When we catch up with Danika she has been on the run for a while, and has started to develop mixed feelings for Reyes ever since he saved her from getting killed by Aeron.  She wonders if the Lords were really as evil as she thought they were. Throughout the book Danika struggles with this-should she hate Reyes and the Lords for kidnapping her family or not? If he's really so awful, why can't she stop thinking about him? Reyes likewise, can't get Danika out of his head. He knows he shouldn't be falling for her, after all he is Pain-what good can come from wanting something that would bring him pleasure? Even though this relationship can't possibly work out, the two are drawn together to help battle the Hunters-who want to destroy the Lords. There is so much more to this book then what I've explained, but I don't want spoil the story for those who haven't read this great series.

What I liked about this book: The storyline flowed nicely from the other two books while adding more to the mystery of the Lords and their backgrounds. I also liked how while the story focused on Reyes and Danika the other Lords stories were weaved into this one without feeling like the two main characters were left behind in the story arc. I also liked how strong Danika was and how along with Reyes struggled with determining what was right and what was wrong.

What I didn't like: I felt like the ending was rushed. It seemed like after the big battle scene, everything just magically fell into place & Side characters which were mentioned in the first chapter weren't mentioned again until the last one-which was probably purposefully done so they could be included in future books.

All in all this was a great read and Gena Showalter didn't disappoint. I can't wait to read The Darkest Whisper. I'm still really looking forward to reading Torin & Paris's stories, but now can't wait for Aerons. The problem with finding this series with first book is the long wait I'm going to have for each book to come out. :)

Sigh Meter: HIGH
Swoon Meter: HIGH
Action Meter: Medium 
LOLZ Meter: Medium  (I just love Anya's zingers!)
Cover Swoon Meter: VERY HIGH 
Longing for the next book Meter: HIGH
Lords I want more of: Torin, Paris, Gideon (I'd mention Sabin and Aeron, but they are getting their own story soon
Side Characters I love: Anya, William (I hope he gets a story!) Maddox, Ashlyn (sentimental favorites!)
Lords I want to know more about: Cameo, Galen, Strider

Earlier this month I went on a spending spree and bought this book, the Red Headed StepChild by Jaye Wells and Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neil. When I got them the only author I was somewhat familiar with was Jaye Wells and that was with a twitter conversation I had with Heather From Book Obssessed. Then the very next day it seemed like everybody had a post up about Chloe Neil and Molly Harper. Funny how that works out sometimes, isn't it?

Jane Jameson lives in a small town of Half Moon Hollow where she worked as a childrens librarian until she got fired so her bosses niece could work at the library. Instead of a severance check she is given a gift card to Shannagan's where she meets the mysterious Gabriel Nightengale. On her way home, she's mistaken for a deer and is shot. Gaberial comes to her rescue and offers her a choice between being dead and undead. What choice does a girl have except to become one of the undead?
In this world vampires have come out of  the closet, (Kind of like in Sookie's world, but explained much better) and are living freely among humans. As if dealing with becoming a vampire wasn't enough, someone is trying to frame her for vampire murders-which doesn't make her popular in the vampire world. Jane tries to solve the mystery of the murders with the help of Gabriel -whom she can't help but be attracted to. To top every else off, she has to deal with her best friend, Zeb finally getting a girlfriend-which doesn't make their families too happy as they already have them married to each other.

I think I would have liked this book much better if I hadn't chosen it for my first book to read for the ReadAThon on Saturday. This book just seemed to go on and on...but I'm sure that's just because I thought I should've been reading it faster then what I was. This book did keep me laughing through the entire book and I wasn't expecting that. (It kind of annoyed me by the end of the book for some reason)  The side characters were great-one of my favorites was Dick Cheney-no relation to the VP. I just wish there had been more of him! Jane Austen was mentioned quite a bit in this book, and I want to know: why must every female character who is still single in her mid-late 30s have an obssession with Jane Austen books? Am I the only one who has noticed this trend in books lately? One thing that slightly annoyed me was, the authors definition of a hollow. I know quite a few people from work whose families live in hollows, and the town she describes isn't a hollow-it's a small town. A hollow from what I understand, is impossible to reach by car and everyone is pretty much related to each other...but I guess hollows can all be different...
Sigh Meter: LOW
Kick Butt Meter: HIGH
Swoon Meter: HIGH