Sunday, June 7, 2009

100 book challenge

I think maybe Heidenkind has gotten to me because I've decided to join a few reading challenges.
The first one is the 100 books challenge from JKaye' site.

This morning I wrote down the books I've read from my goodreads site, and honestly, I thought that I've read a lot more then what I have. So far I've read 18/100. Sad. Really Sad.

  1. The Inferno- Algehri, Dante
  2. Size 14 is not fat either, Cabot, Meg
  3. Size 12 is not fat, Cabot Meg
  4. Ecstasy (The Shadowdwellers Book 1) Frank, Jacquelyn
  5. The Warrior McGregor, Kinley
  6. The Boleyn Inheritance, Gregory, Philippa
  7. Wake- McCann, Lisa
  8. The Constant Princess- Gregory, Philippa
  9. Kiss of Fire- Cooke, Deborah
  10. Enchantment- Skye, Christina
  11. Highlander in her bed- MacKay, Allie
  12. A Rose for the crown- Smith, Anne Easter
  13. If looks could kill White, Kate
  14. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Chbosky, Stephen
  15. Water for Elephants Gruen, Sara
  16. The Ravencliff Bride Thompson, Dawn
  17. This Charming Man Keyes, Marian
  18. The Darkest Night Showalter, Gena