My Meter System

Crush Meter: These are heroes that I just loved enough to make a book boyfriend! Currently named after Curran from Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series.
High-Means I really loved the hero!
Medium-The hero was likable, but not lovable
Low-Didn't really like the hero at all

Sigh Meter- This is one of the heroes has lines that make me sigh out loud.
High--I couldn't stop sighing
Medium--I had a few sighs here and there
Low-I had no sighs at all

Sizzle Meter-This is bases on the chemistry that the hero/heroine have together or that I felt they had. Currently named after Ethan Sullivan and Merit from Chloe Neills Chicagoland Vampire Series. (Chapter 8 in Twice Bitten was responsible for the rename!)

High-Means I really loved the chemistry between the hero/heroine
Medium-I felt like there was some chemistry, but there could have been more
Low-Didn't feel the love between the hero/heroine at all

Barrons Hero Hotness Meter-These are heroes that just blew me away.  Currently named after Barrons from Karen Marie Monings Fever series.

High-Means the hero was almost as hot as Barrons
Medium-He had a bit of Barrons hotness in him, but....
Low-Didn't think the hero was all that hot

Sleep Meter-This is how much sleep I've gotten while reading a particular book.

High-Means I got a lot of sleep
Medium-I was up late, but not all night
Low-I didn't get any sleep at all!

Food Meter-If there is a lot of food mentioned, and I get super hungry, I'll put in a food meter :)

Sidekick Meter-These are characters that aren't the hero or the heroine, but I loved all the same. Dangerouslyclose to renaming this the Qhuay Sidekick Meter after Blay/Qhuinn in JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
High-Means I really loved the sidekicks-and that I liked them almost as much as the hero/heroine
Medium-Sidekicks were cute, but kind of forgettable
Low-Didn't really like the sidekicks at all

LOLz Meter-these are books that made me laugh throughout the whole book!

High-Laughed through the entire book (Like in Gini Koch's Touched by an Alien)
Medium-Laughed a little bit
Low-Didn't laugh at all

Cheesy line Meter-I mainly use this in historical/contemporary romances because the characters sometimes have these wonderful cheesy lines that they say to each other. :)

High-I groaned a lot while reading the lines (but in a good way)
Medium-There were a few groans here and there
Low-Didn't really find any cheesy lines...